When properly cared for, your Classy Wrap® and Flowers in a Balloon Made Easy® Systems will provide you years of profitable use in your business. Refer to the manual that was shipped with your equipment for information regarding maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of equipment. If you need another copy of your manual, contact us and we will send you another copy.

If you are unable to resolve any equipment troubles or if your machine needs repair, contact us and we will determine the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your equipment working properly.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your investment and keep your Classy Wrap machine in excellent running order:

Download Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Tips:

Clean machine daily when used
Store machine in plastic bag with power cord disconnected, rolled and placed inside chamber together with user guide and video
For best results, use 18" balloons in the machine
Move machine by holding the back of the lid and tipping back on the machine wheels
Always remember to only operate the machine with the cap in the open position
If your machine is leaking or not operating properly in some other manner, make sure you diagnose and repair the problem prior to inflating any more balloons to reduce further damage to the machine
Refer to your users manual for assistance in finding the link. You can also click here for ideas, or contact us to assist you.
Only lift the Classy Wrap lid less than 90 degrees to keep damage from occurring to the hinges
Make sure that everyone using the machine has been properly trained on its usage
Prevent damage to the lid & seal of the machine by not placing any heavy objects on top of the machine.