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Balloon Stuffing Supplies and Wholesale Gift Wrap
Gift in a Balloon carries an excellent line of balloon stuffing materials and gift wrap. Wholesale prices are offered by Gift in a Balloon without requiring large orders.

Whether you own a Classy Wrap balloon stuffing machine, or just need supplies, Gift in a Balloon provides you the best prices on all the supplies you will need to do professional balloon stuffing projects. 

We provide the very best products at discounted prices to help your business grow and maintain a professional image. 

8 products found in Supplies

  • From $23.00
Krinkle Shred
  • From $57.00


  • $19.00
  • From $12.00
Balloon Trays
  • $13.00
Balloon Gift Boxes
  • From $108.00
Floral Supplies
  • From $11.00
Balloon Bags
  • $65.00
Safe-Tite Balloon Disk
  • $13.00