Product Questions

Is there any special way I should store my uninflated balloons to make them last longer?

Latex balloons are sensitive to moisture, light and heat. To ensure the longest life for your balloons, store them in a dry, cool, dark place prior to inflating them.

How long will an inflated balloon last?

If created and stored properly, balloons should be expected to last for weeks or months. The following tips can be used to help extend the life of your balloons:

Use a Safe-Tite sealing disk to close balloons to help keep air from escaping out the neck of the balloon (these are included in our designer ktis.)

Place completed balloons inside of the protective polypropelene balloon bags, to reduce oxidation.

Keep balloons out of direct sunlight and hot environments.

Place balloons in our designer gift box to provide further protection from popping as the balloon is transported (gift boxes also provide a nice finished look for your balloons).

Will a fresh flower live inside a balloon?

Live flowers can live inside balloons for an extended period of time. Because flowers in a balloon don't have air blowing across them, they are able to survive longer on less water. When putting flowers in a balloon, make sure that you put water inside the water tube before you place the flowers in the balloon. Once the balloon is created, it isn't possible to add more water to the flowers without creating a new balloon.

Occasionally when I put fresh flowers in a balloon, after a day or two I get condensation inside the balloon that makes it harder to see the flowers. Why is this?

The water tube that holds the flowers has a small hole in the top of the cap for the stems. If you split the top of the cap to allow more space for the flower stems, water will be able to escape from the tube and condense inside the balloon. To prevent this from happening, don't split the cap to make the hole larger than it currently is.

Sometimes my balloons get cloudy after I create them. Why is this and how can I solve it?

All Balloon Stuffing balloons are made of bio-degradable latex material. This material is the only material which allows the balloons to stretch open as far as needed for the balloon stuffing function. If inflated latex balloons are exposed to sunlight, hot or cool blowing air, and/or high humidity, they can oxidize, causing them to look cloudy.

There are some things you can do to minimize the risk of oxidation. First, put your finished balloons in a protective balloon bag. These bags are specially designed to protect balloons and help them to stay clear and inflated for days or weeks. Each of our Balloon Designer Kits includes a protective balloon bag, or they can be purchased separately from the Supplies section of our website. Second, try to keep the balloons out of direct sunlight. Third, try to keep the balloons in a moderate climate controlled area. The more you can do to cut down on exposure to these elements, the longer your balloons will last.

Keep in mind, the Gift in a Balloon package is not designed to be a long term display piece. It is best used as a short term gift wrap that people will love for its unique option to wrapping gifts.

Sometimes my balloons pop while I'm stuffing them in my Classy Wrap machine, or as I'm putting them into the GIAB merchandising bags. Why is this?

If your balloons are popping while you're making them, it could be due to static electricity. If the hairs on your arms are standing up while you are stuffing the balloon, it is a telltale sign of excess static. Solutions would be to rub the inside of the plexiglass machine chamber with a dryer sheet, or spray your arm with static guard.

Equipment Questions

Can I order replacement parts for my machine?

Yes, you can order replacement parts on our website. 

My Classy Wrap machine leaks. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Yes, most leaks are easily fixed. You can diagnose where the leak is occurring by following these easy directions:

Place a balloon in the machine and stretch it open by turning the cam, making sure you hear 3 clicks. The third click may be difficult to get, but it is necessary to create the proper seal. Inflate the balloon in the chamber by pressing the button on the back of the machine. Remember to always keep the cap open when inflating balloons. If the balloon will not inflate, skip to the numbered section below.

As the air is hissing out of the balloon, place your thumb over the hose at the right rear corner of the machine.

If the hissing stops, then something is stuck in your check valve, holding the valve open. Unplug your balloon machine. Pop out the drain at the bottom center of the chamber, clean off the foam filter, and look down into the opening (it will look like a six piece spoke with a screw in the middle). Under the spokes, you should see a rubber gasket (check valve). Pull out any Krinkle Paper or debris you can see, and then try using canned or compressed air to blow out any remaining debris. You may also need to use a dull object, like the top end of a ball point pen, to push down on the gasket, helping release any debris which may be caught. If the gasket is dusty, you can also use a wet Q-tip to clean the dust. Plug the machine back in, and push the power button to blow out any remaining objects. A Shop-Vac® also works well to clean out debris from inside your machine, but be careful not to let it create a seal in the opening and pull the gasket out of place. If the gasket is cracked or missing, a new check valve housing will need to be ordered. This can be ordered on the Equipment page (Replacement Parts).

If the problem continues, then a leak is usually caused by one or more of these issues:

1. Are there any cracks in the chamber (clear glass)? A machine will crack due to abuse or excess vacuum pressure if the round lid is closed while a balloon is being inflated. If your machine has a crack in the chamber, STOP USING THE MACHINE IMMEDIATELY.  The chamber is bonded in place and can not be replaced or removed, so you will need to replace your Classy Wrap machine. This can be ordered on the Equipment page (Replacement Parts).

2. Is the lid damaged? Check the lid itself to make sure it is flat and not bowing up at any point. Because the parts are plastic, the lid can warp in high temperature climates. Make sure all 6 pull rods, often called "fingers", are in place, complete with rubber seals, and lined up properly. Also check for cracks in the lid or damage to the hinges on the back. If you find damage to these parts, they can be ordered on the Equipment page (Replacement Parts).

3. Is the lid gasket damaged? Lift the lid and run your fingers around the black foam gasket that sits between the square purple lid and the Plexiglas chamber. It should have no cracks or indentations on it, except for the one caused by the chamber itself. This indentation should be even and centered in the middle of the gasket. If you feel a diagonal indentation, most likely the power cord has been closed in the lid. Also check to ensure that this gasket is not flaking or crumbling. This gasket will become "worn out" over time by continued usage due to the compression created during operation. You can test for this by gently pushing down on the lid. If this stops the leak, then you will know your lid gasket needs to be replaced. This can be ordered on the Equipment page (Replacement Parts).

4. Is there damage to the star gasket? The star gasket is inside the lid where the pull rods, often called "fingers", stretch the balloon open. Check this black rubber gasket to see if it is cracking or falling apart. It may also need to be cleaned. This is done best with a wet towel. Use warm water to wet the towel for best results. No soap should be used. If the Star gasket is cracked or deteriorating, it will need to be replaced. This can be ordered on the Equipment page (Replacement Parts).

5. Is there damage to your cap? If your balloon leaks after you close the round cap and prepare to remove the balloon, there may be damage to your cap. The check valve in the cap is installed to allow some room for operator error, but will not withstand continued usage with the cap closed! DO NOT PUT TAPE OVER THE TINY HOLES. The check valve in the cap may be adjusted by turning the screw on the underside of the cap 1/4 of a turn and trying the balloon machine again. Be careful! Do not over turn this screw. A new cap can be ordered on the Equipment page (Replacement Parts).

Ordering and Shipping Questions

How long will it take to get my order?

We will ship your order within 1-2 business day of receiving payment. All orders are shipped from Ogden, Utah. Orders to clients in the United States will be shipped through FedEx Ground service (typically arriving to you in 2-5 business days).  For international orders, please email info@giab.com.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). 

Can I purchase equipment through a lease?

No, unfortunately we do not offer financing. 

What is your return policy?

Returns, in full case quantities and in original packaging, are accepted within 7 days of the customer receiving the item. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the sale and return, and will also be charged a 25% restocking fee on the value of the merchandise. A refund for the balance will be issued once the item(s) are received and inspected. If the merchandise is returned damaged, notice will be sent by email and no refund will be issued. For all returns, please contact GIAB prior to return.

If the merchandise was damaged by the shipping company on it's way to you, please contact GIAB immediately. No re-shipments or refunds will be processed until a claim has been issued by GIAB and the product has been picked up for return. If you choose to report the damages to the shipping company yourself, processing time may take up to 30 days. Please contact our Customer Service department for any further questions or inquiries regarding returns.

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