How to use the Classy Wrap® Machine


Simple step by step directions that take only minutes.

1st- Open the lid and secure balloon.

2nd- Lock cam by rotating and expanding opening of balloon.

3rd- Open the cap and press button on back to begin inflating the balloon (making sure cap is open.)

4th- Stuff balloon with desired gift items.

5th- Close cap and lift lid.

6th- Twist balloon and release the cam and secure balloon with safe-tite disc.


Read below for detailed instructions

1. Open Lid. Stretch the balloon neck. Place the open end of the balloon over the black plastic fingers in the middle of the lid. When the top of the balloon touches the bend in the plastic fingers, stop.

2. Close the lid and open the cap.

3. Place one hand on each of the cam handles.Push with the right hand while you pull with the left hand. Turn until you hear 3 clicks. You may need to push a little harder for the third click. Make sure the cap is open!

4. To blow up the balloon, push the black button switch and hold it in until the balloon covers the vent in the bottom of the Classy Wrap machine.

The switch is in the back of the machine just under the lid. Air will come out of the hose on the back of the machine. This is normal.


The balloon will not lose air when you let go of the switch.

5. Take the bag of Krinkle Paper out of the Designer Kit.

Fluff the Krinkle Paper over the cap opening and down into the balloon. Spread the krinkle paper on the bottom of the balloon, creating a nest for you gift.

6. Arrange your gift in and rest it gently on the bottom of the balloon.

Make any changes needed.

Note: Only gifts which can fit within the 6" opening will work. Using a garbage bag which is cut open on both ends is a great tool for creating a sliding tube for larger stuffed animals to go through the 6" opening.

7. When you like how everything looks, close the cap on top of the machine. Place the palm of your hand in the center of the cap and push down.

Check the cap to make sure it is closed tightly.


8. Stand in front of the Classy Wrap machine.

Locate the handle on the Classy Wrap lid.

Lift the lid just enough to be able to reach in and get your hands on the top of the balloon.

9. Let the lid rest gently on your arms.

With both hands, twist the balloon at least one full turn, or more.

Hold the twisted part of the balloon between the thumb and pointer finger of one hand.

10. Use the other hand to loosen the cam.

The black plastic fingers holding the balloon opening will let go as you loosen the cam.

11. Still holding the twisted balloon between thumb and pointer finger, let the balloon gently rest on the bottom of the Classy Wrap machine.

12. With one hand under the balloon, and the other still holding the twisted part, lift the balloon out of the machine and put the balloon on the balloon base tray.


Safetite® disc

1. While holding the twisted part of the balloon, pull up neck and twist it 4 more times.

2. Stretching balloon neck, insert into long slot to seat at center of the Safetite disc.

3. Again, stretching balloon neck, pull over and down into second short slots.

4. To finish assembly, pull neck back up into original long slot and seat in center of disc.

5. Create Perfect Bow by pulling on the strings. Tie around balloon neck.


Final Touches

1. Put balloon base tray in bottom of polypropelene bag.

2. Create perfect bot as per enclosed instruction. Place completed bow on top of balloon and tie off to the balloon neck.

3. Lower balloon into bag

4. Gather bag at top and tie using the Perfect Bow.

5. Curl the ribbon strings as desired

6. Place into Classy Pack Gift Box (if applicable)

7. Now, stand back and enjoy!