How to use the Jiffy Wrap® Tubes for Flowers

1. Pick the right size Jiffy Wrap tube for the gift. Handle flowers with care. First, place flowers in an aqua tube. Only real flowers need water.


2. Pull out the Jiffy Wrap plunger. Put the gift flowers carefully into the Jiffy Wrap tube.

Illistration B

3. Stretch the opening of the balloon several times.

Place the balloon over the opening of the stretched Jiffy tube.

4. Place the Jiffy Wrap tube on the air hose that is on the back of the Classy Wrap machine and press the button to start the motor. Remember: Make sure the cap on the Classy Wrap machine is OPEN before you turn it on. 

Note: If you are using the Maxiflate system, place the tube directly over the nozzle on the Maxiflate and hold securely while you press the button to turn on the motor.

Blow up the balloon until it is the size you want.

5. Slide the plunger into the Jiffy Wrap tube until the aqua tube cap is visible just above the rim.

This will push the flowers into the balloon.

6. Hold the neck of the balloon just above the Jiffy Wrap tube and squeeze it into the aqua tube. With your other hand, roll the neck of the balloon off of the Jiffy Wrap tube and onto the aqua tube.

You do not need to tie the balloon. The aqua tube will act like a cork and keep the air in the balloon.

7. Place the aqua tube into the Flora Expression® stand.


Your Jiffy Wrap gift looks beautiful!